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28 Oct 2020

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06 Dec 2017
06th December - Air pollution in Europe  has a strong impact on the environment and human health. Among the major polluters have been identified road transport, agriculture, power plants, industry and private households.
29 Nov 2016
25th October - The latest italian technology innovations in the field of circular economy will be presented in the 2016 edition of Techitaly 29 - 30 November. The event promote the italian technology exellences in relevant industrial…
29 Nov 2016
7th November - The National Forum on Forests will be held on November 29th  in Rome. The Forum is organized in collaboration with the “Table on timber supply chain” of the Italian Ministry for Agriculture, Food and Forestries within the…
11 Nov 2016
31st October - The next 11th of November at 15:30 will be held the ”Knowledge Platform” side event within the twenty-second session of the Conference of the Parties COP22 in Marrakech  that represents an important occasion for sharing the…