In this section are described the most relevant European Union co-funding programmes in the environmental and climate change sector, such as:

  • LIFE. This is the main EU financial instrument aimed at protecting the environment, natural resources and biodiversity as well as the implementation of the environmental policy and legislation.
  • HORIZON 2020. This is the main EU programme aimed at funding research and innovation towards a better european competitiveness at global level, including the environmental sector. 
  • 7° FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME 2007-2013. The main reference programme is the Research Innovation and Technology aimed at promoting the sustainable developement of the environment and its natural resources. 
  • COMPETITIVENESS AND INNOVATION FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (CIP) ECOINNOVATION. This is a CIP sub-programme aimed at first implementation and application on technology and market uptake of technologies, products and services to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • INTELLIGENT ENERGY EUROPE (IEE). Intelligent Energy Europe is  a CIP sub-programme, closed with the 2007-2013 programming period. It  aimed at supporting energy-efficient buildings, industry, heating and cooling, SMEs and energy-related products and services, as well as improving the attractiveness of energy-efficiency investments.
  • ALPINE SPACE PROGRAMME. The Alpine Space programme is a European transnational cooperation programme for the Alpine region. It provides a framework to facilitate the cooperation between economic, social and environmental key players in seven Alpine countries, as well as between various institutional levels such as: academia, administration, business and innovation sector, and policy making.