Launch Event of "Knowledge Platform" - 14 June 2016, Rome (IMELS)

Italian platform for environmental best practice

The Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea (IMELS) will launch its environmental best practice sharing tool - or “Knowledge platform” - in Rome on 14 June 2016. The online tool was developed with the help of EU funding for environmental protection and climate action.

The objective of the “Knowledge Platform” is to promote the replication of best practice in the fields of nature and biodiversity, water, urban environment, climate change, soil management, resource efficiency, waste and energy. The overall aim is to improve the effectiveness and impact of public funding.

The “Knowledge Platform” consists of a database of projects co-financed in Italy by EU programmes such as LIFE, CIP Eco Innovation, CIP IEE and FP7. The site has been designed to stimulate networking among those who have developed the best practices and potential replicators of these actions.

The launch event will feature presentations by coordinators of eight projects representing the thematic areas of the Platform and that have been co-financed by different EU programmes. They will outline the insights gained and achievements of their respective projects.

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