Isover for recycling and ecosustainability
Low climate IMpact scenarios and the Implications of required Tight emission control Strategies
Institutional actions and policies to reduce CO2 emissions through energy recovery process in energy intensive industries - DEMO (Integrated fume depuration and heat recovery system in energy intensive industries)
The Green Public Procurement Information Network
Recycling of special plastic waste from the automotive industry
Forwarding demonstrative ACTions On a Regional and local scale to reach UE targets of the European Climate Action Plan “20-20 by 2020”
Development of a strategy to manage the Natura 2000 network in Lombardy
Policy and governance actions to reduce CO2 emissions by Energy valorization of process effluents in Energy Intensive Industries
Enabling knowledge for disaster risk reduction in integration to climate change adaptation
An innovative graphene-based solution for tackling environmental emergencies through the adsorption of oils and hydrocarbons